Firecracker Cakes with Pop Rocks


You will Need:

White Cake Recipe or Store Bought White Cake Mix

Red, White and Blue Food Coloring


Pop Rocks

Black Licorice Rope

Round Cookie Cutter



1.  Make your favorite white cake recipe or use store bought white cake mix.

2.  Divide the cake mix into 3 bowls.

3. Mix each batter with one food coloring: Red,White and Blue

4.  Bake cake according to directions on box, do not mix the red, white and blue batter.

5.  Let cake cool

6.  Using a circle cookie cutter to cut round shapes out of each cake.

7.  Stack the cake, blue on bottom, white in the middle and red on top.  Use Icing to attach cakes together.

8.  Stick a straw down the middle of the stacked cakes, to make a hole for your pop rocks.

9.  Pull the straw out and fill the hole with pop rocks.

10.  Stick a small piece of black licorice rope in the hole, but leave some of the licorice hanging out so that it looks like the “fuse” on the firecracker.

11.  Serve and Enjoy!


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