Mini Key Lime Cheesecake Tarts

Mini Key Lime Cheesecake Tarts

I absolutely love the mini tart molds that were included in our August box!  There are so many things you can do with them!  I am a huge fan of baking made easy with a little bit of help from mixes!  Krusteaz makes great mixes!  I love their Key Lime Bars, so I thought I would try something new with the mix.  I decided to try Key Lime Cheesecakes, below is my how to!


You will need:

-1 box Krusteaz Key Lime Mix

– Mini tart molds (included in your August box) – Don’t have enough tart molds?  Use Cupcake liners!

– Baking sheet and/or muffin tin

– 1/2 cup sugar

– 8 oz block cream cheese softened

– 1/3 cup water

– 3 eggs

– Citrus Sugar Dec Ons ( included in your August box)

– Whipped Cream


– Spay mini tart molds with non stick spray and line muffin pan with liners.  Pre-heat oven and prepare crust mix according to package directions.  Press crust mix into tart molds making sure bottom and sides are completely coated, I even pressed mix up the sides a bit in the cupcake liners.  Put molds on a cookie sheet and bake as directed.  Meanwhile, mix key lime mix as directed and set aside.  In a separate bowl, combine cream cheese and sugar with an electric mixer till fully mixed.  Fold in key lime mix.  Fill tart molds or liners 2/3 of the way full.  Bake according to package directions, or until crust is a golden brown.  Once cooled, carefully pull tart mold off.  Top each one with a little whip cream and a Citrus Sugar Dec On.

Please note – this blog and all posts are my personal opinions and views.  I have not been compensated in any way by featured products.



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