Spooky Spiderweb Cupcakes


I love the spiderweb wrappers that were in our September box- they are the perfect addition to add a bit of spookiness to your cupcakes!  I decided to make cupcakes for the boys the other day, and with 2 little boys running around the house- I am all about easy!!!  I started with a box mix and then added some Chocolate Ganache to dress them up a bit and used the Candy Writer from our September box to create some spiderwebs!

First I started with this Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Cake Mix.  Have you guys tried this yet?  If not- run to the store now!!!  Oh my, its like little chocolate mini molten cakes!  My Grandmother used to make Chocolate Lave Cake which I loved as a kid.  This is the closest to it out of a box- yum!!!


Make the cupcakes according to package directions and let cool.  I then frosted them with store bought chocolate frosting.  I frosted them using a knife and made the frosting as flat and even as I could.  Set aside.  The Candy Writer that was included in your September box comes in solid form.  To use it, you will need to melt it first.  The easiest way is to get a bowl of hot tap water and to set the writer in there.  Knead it every so often and refill with hot water as needed till it is fully melted.  Keep the writer in the bowl of water to keep it melted as it will start to turn solid.

Next make the Chocolate Ganache Icing.  You will need:

  • 8 oz. semi sweet chocolate – finely chopped ( put in blender or food processor till fine crumbles)
  • 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

Place finely chopped chocolate in a bowl.  In a saucepan, heat cream over medium heat.  Do not let it boil, heat it until there are little bubbles along the outer edges.

Pour cream over chocolate and stir till melted.

IMG_2910 - Copy

Dip the top of your frosted cupcake into the ganache until covered.  Next using your writer, starting in the middle, pipe out a round circular swirl moving outwards toward the edge of the cupcake.


Next, using a toothpick, start in the middle and drag the frosting out towards the edge of the cupcake.  Repeat around the whole cupcake till you get a spiderweb!  You need to do 1 cupcake at a time, the ganache and the writer harden up pretty quick.  I found out the hard way!  If the ganache starts to thicken up, pop the bowl in the microwave for 15-30 seconds and stir.

Don’t forget, we now carry all the items from our boxes in our store!

IMG_2931 - CopyIMG_2932 - Copy

Happy Baking!



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