Talking Candy Bar


When we saw these talking candy bar molds, we knew we had to feature them in a box!  They are so fun!  You can use any type of chocolate to fill these, or use our melt in fill!

You will need-

-talking candy bar mold, from our February box

-melt in fill chocolate, from our February box



Place melt in fill tube in glass of hot water, not boiling.  Let sit for a few minutes, knead tube and add to hot water.  Repeat process until fully melted, adding more hot water if necessary.  If desired, add sprinkles to bottom of candy bar mold, squeeze chocolate until mold is full.


  Gently tap mold on counter to get all air bubbles out of chocolate and to help chocolate disperse evenly, add more sprinkles to back if you’d like.  Let chocolate harden, once firm, close back and move to refrigerator to let completely harden.  These are fun to give as a gift!  You can even attach a card to the back!  Or enjoy, and reuse!  Our melt in fill has enough chocolate to fill the candy bar twice.  Need more chocolate molds?  You can order more from our shop, we sell them in sets of 12.

~Happy Baking!



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