St. Pattys Day Mint Cocoa Gifts


Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day, and hot chocolate?  Hot Cocoa is a great homemade gift you can make!  For our February box, we thought it would be fun to feature Hot Cocoa Gifts made with our mini gold baking cups, wooden spoons, bags and ribbon.  These are perfect for kids!  We made them with white chocolate and semi sweet chocolate, my boys liked the white hot cocoa.  Try both and let us know what your favorite is!!

~Happy Baking!

You will need:

  • 8 oz. chocolate, chopped (we used white chocolate and semi sweet)
  • Leprechaun Sprinkles, featured in our February box
  • 2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar (depending on taste)
  • 2-3 drops Creme De Menthe oil (depending on taste), featured in our February box
  • 6 mini gold baking cups, featured in our February box
  • 6 wooden spoons, featured in our February box
  • Cellophane bags and ribbon, featured in our February box


Melt chocolate according to package directions, we used a double boiler.  Stir chocolate until completely melted. 


 Add 2-3 drops of the Creme De Menthe oil, tasting along the way.  The oil is concentrated and a little goes a long way.  Add powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time until desired sweetness is achieved.  Stir chocolate until smooth.  Add chocolate to a Ziploc or a piping bag.  Pipe chocolate (snip off corner if used a Ziploc) into mini baking cup until about 1/2 full.  


Let set for about a minute, insert spoon so it is standing up.  Let set up for another minute or so, then top off with Leprechaun Sprinkle Mix. 


 Transfer to refrigerator and let cool over night.  Once firm, package each chocolate cup into bag with a tie and directions.  To enjoy, rip off gold baking cup, add chocolate to a cup of hot milk and stir till melted.  Add whip cream if you’d like and enjoy!!  Get creative, the possibilities are endless- add chopped nuts and/or mini marshmallows!



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