Pot of Dirt Cupcakes

We loved our April box!  Such a fun theme and cute items, the possibilities are endless!!  We hope you loved it as much as we did!  We would love to see what you made, don’t forget to tag us and share!  Use #mybakersbox and #madewithmybakersbox


Our dirt cupcakes are not only adorable, but delicious!  Start out with your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, or you can cheat like I did and use a box mix!  The end of school year is winding down for my kids, so we are busy!  I am all about getting some extra help some days, so using a premade mix did the trick!

Let cupcakes cool completely and then start decorating!  I took about 10-15 Oreo’s and added them to my blender, mix until crumbly and it resembles dirt.  Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting, dip in the Oreo’s until completely covered.  Add in daisy cupcake pics from our April box and ladybug and bee sugars!  My boys loved doing these!


For another fun idea, add cookies to the top of our Chocolate Mousse and add sugars!

~Happy Baking!



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