S’Mores Marshmallow Pops


Who doesn’t love S’Mores?  Our July box featured some of our favorite camping themed items!  For a fun and easy treat, I made S’Mores Marshmallow Pops.  Have the kids help make these, they’ll have so much fun!

You will need:

-skewers, cake pop stick or straws- I used the straws from our July box

-semi-sweet chocolate chips- I used about 1/2 a bag

-large marshmallows

-about 1/2 a package graham crackers

Put graham crackers in a ziplock bag, or in a food processor and crush.  My little one loved helping with this!  IMG_2485

Transfer to a bowl.  In small bowl, microwave chocolate for about 45 seconds, stir.  If needed, microwave for 30 more seconds until completely melted.IMG_2486

Dip end of straw in chocolate, then add marshmallow to straw.  Dip about 1/2 of marshmallow in chocolate, then sprinkle with graham cracker.  Let set for about an hour and enjoy!  I put the finished pops in a glass jar to harden.  If you have left over graham crackers, save them for our S’Mores Push Pops!



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