Peach Sugar Cookies

One of our favorite items from our August box was the leaf fondant plunger.  I use mine quite a bit, from cookies to cupcakes!  I made these adorable peach cookies with the fondant, peach cookie cutter and plunger all included in the August box!


You will need:

Your favorite sugar cookie mix, try one of our favorites!  Get the recipe here!  If you have a good basic sugar cookie dough, try changing the flavor by adding some flavoring.  I used a dropper full of Lorann Lemon oil and about 1 teaspoon almond extract, they were delicious!!!

green fondant

leaf fondant plunger

red and yellow food coloring

your favorite royal icing recipe

piping bad and tip or squeeze bottle

peach cookie cutter


Bake cookies according to recipe and let cool.  Once cooled, make royal icing.  Transfer icing to two separate containers and save the rest if you have leftover.  Add in 1 drop red and 1 drop yellow food coloring and mix.  Continue to add drop by drop till the perfect peach color is achieved.  To keep frosting from drying out, cover bowl with a damp towel.  Add 1st part of icing to bag or bottle and squeeze to outline Peach, do not out line leaf portion.  If desired, let dry.  Thin out separate bowl of icing with water, start with 1 tablespoon and stir till desired “flood” consistency.  Add to a separate bag or bottle and let icing “flood” onto cookie till completely iced.  If you have any air bubbles, use a toothpick to pop.    You can also use toothpick to spread icing across cookie.  Set aside to dry.  Meanwhile, on a clean surface, tear off a bit of fondant and knead till soft.  Roll out, and using plunger cut leaf shapes.  Push plunger in, press button down and kind of wiggle slightly for a clean cut. Pull up and push button to release leaf shape.


Once leaves are all cut out, attach to leaf part of cookie with frosting as glue.  The perfect Peach Sugar Cookie!  If you need more fondant, plungers or squeeze bottles, you can purchase them and more in our store!

~ Happy Baking!



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