Plaque Place Card Cookies


I have been seeing these plaque cookies all over social media and thought they would be a perfect addition to one of our holiday boxes!  There are so many things you can do with them!  They are perfect for any celebration, from birthdays, graduations, showers and so much more!

I love the idea of adding names and using them as a place card for a party!  These started off with our favorite sugar cookie recipe and we decorated using our gel writers and glitter!  I am not a cookie artist but practicing to get better! : )

You will need:

Your favorite sugar cookies using your plaque cutters from our December box, cooled (click here for our favorite recipe)

Icing of choice

Gel Writers from our December box

Other decorative items- stencils, sprinkles, glitter etc

To Do:

Make cookies according to recipe and let cool.  Frost cookies with icing of choice for a base, we used a basic royal icing.  Once icing has dried, using gel writers decorate cookies.  We outlined some, added polka-a-dots, wrote names, etc.  Be careful not to cut too much off of the tip of writer, or icing will come out thicker.  The gel does not harden like royal icing, it does set up, but will stay tacky so we do not recommend stacking cookies.  Get creative, add glitter, sprinkles and more!!!






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