Candy Covered Cookies


Our December box included all of the goodies to make these cute candy covered cookies!  So fun for the New Year!

new years candy covered cookies


Super easy to make and the kids will have fun helping!

You will need:


  • Oreo Cookies
  • Black Candy Melts (included in box)
  • Marshmallow Fondant (you can find the recipe here)
  • Candyfetti (included in box)
  • Cookie Mold  (inlcuded in box)
  • Edible Food Marker (included in box)
  • circle cutter (included in box)
  • icing or corn syrup

Melt your Black candy melts in a microwave safe bowl according to package directions. Stir well to make sure there are no lumps. Fill cavity in mold just over ½ way, push one Oreo cookie down into it.

Oreos in mold

Tap the tray on the counter to release any air bubbles. With a spoon, fill the rest of the cavity up and completely cover the cookie. Again, tap on counter to release air bubbles.

oreos covered

Place the mold into the freezer for 5 minutes. Remove from the freezer, flip over and carefully press around the back of the cookie mold to release the cookies from the mold. Roll about a ball size of fondant out on a surface (you may need to coat with confectioners sugar).  Using your round cutter, cut circles of fondant. Attach fondant circle to cookie top with a little bit of icing, if you don’t have icing you can use corn syrup.  We used the left over cookie icing from our November box!


Once all the fondant is “glued” on, it’s time to decorate!  Decorate the fondant like a clock using your marker to draw hands and Candyfetti as the numbers.  We used our icing to attach the Candyfetti to the fondant, you can also use corn syrup.  We used a toothpick to place a small amount on the fondant and then placed the Candyfetti on.   Another idea is to completely cover the top of the fondant with a layer of Candyfetti!  Let dry and enjoy!  We wish you all a Happy New Year!




We need YOUR help!


We are putting the final touches on our September boxes!  We are having a hard time deciding on 2 flavors!  Please comment with what 2 flavors you would like to see!



Surprise Coffin Cookies



Looking for a last minute Halloween treat?  Our Surprise Coffin Cookies are fun and easy to make!  These start out as a basic sugar cookie, with a fun treat inside!

You will need:

  • Your favorite sugar cookie recipe, try ours here
  • Coffin Cookie Cutter (featured in our September box)
  • Your favorite small candy, we used Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s- the mini’s work great!
  • Your favorite frosting, we used store bought chocolate
  • Food Coloring of choice- we used black gel
  • Icing pens, writers or royal icing

How to:

Make your favorite sugar cookie dough and cut out cookies.  We used our Coffin Cookie cutter.  These surprise cookies are actually 3 cookies in one, you will need to cut out the middle on the cookies you would like to have the surprise inside.  You can use a smaller cookie cutter, or we just used a knife to cut out center.  To keep edges smooth, try dusting knife and cookie cutter in flour!


Bake according to recipe and let cool.  Once cooled, it’s time to assemble the surprise cookies!  We used store bought chocolate frosting and added black gel food coloring to achieve our desired black.  Chocolate frosting is easier to get a nice black color with, and will not get gray or ashy!  Start with a few drops, adding more until the perfect black is achieved!  Start out with 1 normal cut cookie, then take a cookie where the center was removed and carefully frost the back edges.  The sides are thin, so be careful not to apply too much pressure or cookie will break.  “Glue” to top of cookie.


As you can see the cookies were not all the same sizes after baking.  It’s okay!  Next add a few pieces of your favorite candy.  The mini candies will work the best.  You can also add sprinkles!


Next, frost the back of another full cookie and place on top.  Using an icing spatula or knife, frost entire cookie sides and top and smooth out.  Let dry, then you can use an icing pen, writer or even royal icing to decorate top of cookie.  We used our CK Writers that we have featured in the past.  We also made scary faces with the eyes from our September box.  Have fun getting creative!  My boys loved these!!!


Easy Champagne Cupcakes


What a better way to celebrate New Years Eve than with Champagne Cupcakes!  This is such a busy time of year, so this recipe starts off with a boxed white cake mix to save on time!  This will make approximately 24 cupcakes!

For the cupcakes, you will need:

-1 box white cake mix

-1 1/4 cups champagne

-3 egg whites

-1/3 cup vegetable oil

For the Champagne Frosting, you will need:

-4 cups powdered sugar

-1/4 cup champagne

-1 teaspoon vanilla

-1/2 cup butter, softened

Use these items from your December box:

-Gold Cupcake Pics

-Black and Gold Sanding Sugar

-Paper straws

-Star Sugars

-Black and Gold cupcake liners


Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Line a muffin tin with black and gold liners.  In a large bowl, mix cake mix and champagne till moist.  Add egg whites and oil.  With an electric mixer, beat on medium for about 2 minutes.  Fill muffin cups with batter till they are about 2/3 full.  Bake 18-20 minutes, cupcakes are done when a toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean.  Let cool about 10 minutes before removing from pan to cool completely.  While cupcakes are cooling, in a medium bowl add softened butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and champagne.  Beat on medium until all mixed and it is a smooth consistency.

To decorate cupcakes, frost cupcakes or pipe with a tip.  There are so many ways to decorate your cupcakes, we included a few pictures of ideas below.  You can sprinkle with sanding sugars, or roll in the sugar.  Add a cupcake pic, or edible star decorations!  You can even cut your straws and use those to decorate!

Try making Pink Champagne Cupcakes!  Add a couple of drops of red food coloring to the cake mix, and a couple of drops to the frosting!  Sprinkle with gold sanding sugar!  You can even add black food coloring the frosting to make black frosting!

Want to make an alcohol free version, use Ginger Ale instead of the Champagne!

Need more supplies, visit our store!


All of us here at My Bakers Box wish you a safe and Happy New Year!!!